At Idrosistem energy srl we specialize in the treatment and recovery of industrial and civil water and wastewater.

We pride ourselves in the quality of our engineering and the breadth of experience we have in the field. All our engineers, technicians and designers are fully qualified and are dedicated to providing our customers with the best plants. In order to guarantee a personalized service, we oversee all projects from design to start up and our staff remain available for consultation at all times.

Markets served

IDROSISTEM energy has worldwide representation through a network of qualified agents that sell our complete range of products and services.

We serve the following areas: Europe, North America, Central & South America, Asia, Oceania and Africa.


IDROSISTEM energy was first founded in 1995 under the name of IDROSISTEM sas and during our first year we realized the first application of direct water recovery using a resin filter downstream of biological treatment.

From the very beginning our staff had an innovative spirit and by 1996 our client NOMEGA was using for the first time a system of direct water recovery for its dyeing factory.

In 1998 we decide to patent the new sand filtration with a spunlace (hydroentanglement) line installed at our client ORSA and a year later we did the same with the sand filter backwashing recovery using flotation installed at TECNOFIBRA.

From 1999 IDROSISTEM sas continues trading under the name IDROSISTEM energy srl as we know it today.

The decade of 2000 was very fruitful for the company: in 2000 we used for the first time a biofiltration plant in a jeans laundry (FRESHTEX); in 2001 we first applied a sand filter backwashing recovery using biological treatment; in 2004 we designed and construct the BAND FLOAT, a new technology for water treatment in small spaces and in 2005 the BAND BIO FLOAT was born, with similar characteristics but different applications. Both machines were highly appreciated by our customers and are a technical and commercial success.

In 2006, in response to market demands we designed and applied for the first time a ZERO DISCHARGE process and in the following years we offered solution for niche industries like "wet wipes" and "coolant reservoirs".

In 2009, we realized the first biocide free line for the Spunlace industry (Jacob Holm - France); using only the UV sterilization and ozone treatment for bacteria control.

In 2012, our first plant of Hot recovery for PET recycling was installed in Guatemala for our client Reciclados de Centro América (Grupo Gallo).

In 2014, we successfully developed a system for boron recovery from discharge water in the steel industry (Tenaris Dalmine-Italy); the result is an extraction of pure boric acid (99%) suitable for commercial purposes.

In 2015 we installed the first biological treatment plant using only tanks made from glass steel (Argentina), leaving behind the use of the traditional concrete tanks.

Our recent developments for the year 2016 are the application of an ULTRAFILTRATION SYSTEM for caustic soda recovery in the denim industry (Vicunha Textil – Brazil) and the NANOFILTRATION SYSTEM for the dyeing and finishing industry in Honduras (GRUPO ELCATEX).


All IDROSISTEM energy plants are custom-built bearing in mind the individual needs of customers and with the aim of providing the following benefits:

- reduction in production costs (reduced operational, labour and chemical costs)

- increase in production output (elimination of production stoppages caused by faulty machinery)

reduced ecological impact on the environment (reduced water costs, discharged wastewater within legal limits, no harmful chemicals required)


All plants are constructed from first class materials and we only use top brands to ensure reliability and to facilitate the acquisition of spare parts and IDROSISTEM energy personnel supervise the construction and commissioning of plants.


At IDROSISTEM energy srl our quality is guaranteed at least by three means:

Guarantee on the machinery: to prove our confidence in our machinery we guarantee all plants for 18 months. We may also issue guarantees on the performance and bank guarantees when it is necessary.

Guarantee on the management: it is a quality system that recognizes the business skills of a company which has been able to optimize its own organization with an efficient management, adequate structures and suitable competencies.

Guarantee on the company: in order to be able to work in the public sphere, Italian authorities require that companies must fulfill a set of requisites and conditions summarized in art.8 law 109 dated 11/02/1994 and certify by SOA order to be able to work in the public sphere, Italian authorities require that companies must fullfil a set of requisites and conditions summarized in art.8 law 109 dated 11/02/1994 and certify by SOA certification. Idrosistem energy srl is certify by SOA for the categories OG6 and OS22 showing our capacity and seriousness.


Idrosistem energy srl is present with our stand at all important trade fairs of the sector we are specialized.

The following trade fair will be:


May 23-25 / 2017

Grand Tikal Futura Hotel

and Convention Center

Guatemala City



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