Water treatment and water recycling has become an essential part of environmental protection. Today, we have never been more conscious of the need to protect these basic resources. Increasing water costs, more severe legislation on water discharge and concerns about water availability mean that each industry must respond with an improved efficiency. Most of the water used by houses, industries, and businesses must be treated before it is released back to the environment in order to reduce pollutants to a level that nature can handle.

After the treatment, clean water can have plenty of uses, for example, as landscaping irrigation (parks, gardens, golf courses, etc.), groundwater aquifers, discharge to surface waters (rivers and oceans), dust control, fire suppression, drinkable water, etc.


All IDROSISTEM energy srl plants are custom-built bearing in mind the individual needs of each single customers and with the aim of providing the following benefits:

  • reduction in production costs (reduced operational labor and chemical costs) 
  • increase in production output (elimination of production stops caused by faulty machinery).

To protect our technology we have patented four of our innovative designs, in particular in the sector of water recovery.