Steel industry can be quite vast (integrated mills, minimills, finishing mills) but every type of plants need water for a variety of purposes.

Water is used for:

  • Material conditioning (12% of water used)
  • Air pollution control (13% of water used)
  • Heat transfer (75% of water used)

In a great number of operations (m3of water used/tn of product):

  • Coke making (33m3/ton)
  • Sinter plant (5m3/ton)
  • Cold Rolling (12m3/ton)
  • Continuous Caster (12m3/ton)
  • Furnace (Blast, Basic oxygen, Electric Arc) (9-15m3/ton)



Water can be recycled at a different rate in every operation and it can be as much as 90% in some of them. IDROSISTEM energy designs and builds waste water treatment plants and cooling plants for the various types and processes of the steel industry.

Plants for water treatment, cooling and recovery for steel industry processes:

  • Cokeries
  • Different types of furnaces
  • Continuous caster
  • Hot Rolling & plate mills
  • Water from fumes dedusting processes

Plants for the treatment of other water in steel industy:

  • Make up water and demineralised water
  • Treatment and recovery of sanitary water
  • Sludge dehydrating and treatment

Targets guaranteed:

  • Reducing of suspended solids > 99%
  • Reducing of oils > 90%
  • Reducing temperature according to the requirements of the process


The different uses of water implies that different technologies are used.  In some operations water enters in contact with material that pollutes it. For this kind of water “direct circuit” we design the following phases:

  •   Primary sedimentation (Hydrociclon)
  •   Secondary sedimentation (DRL)
  •   Sand filtration with internal flotation
  •   Evaporation towers

Other water is used in a series of heat exchangers and does not come in direct contact with polluting substances. For this kind of water “indirect circuit” we design the following phases:

  • Heat exchanger
  • Evaporation towers
  • Cooling towers

In steel industry, water is used primarily for heat transfer, so cooling towers and closed-loop cooling systems minimize this water use. To conclude, All plants are custom-built and are designed in-house by our expert design staff.  Our engineers oversee every project from the ordering of materials through to the supervision of plant construction and start-up.