IDROSISTEM energy Srl has specialized in the treatment of water for spunlace plants for many years. During this period, IDROSISTEM has analyzed the main problems of the industry and has developed specialized technologies to solve them.


  • CLOGGED JET STRIPS AND STREAKS IN FABRIC: When water is not totally free of all suspended solids, it creates clogged jet strips, which lead to streaks in the spunlace fabric and frequent replacement of filter bags in the final filter.
  • BACTERIA GROWTH: Suspended solids in water can also enhance bacteria growth. Experience in similar sectors has shown that the removal of suspended solids from water remarkably reduces bacterial growth inside pipes.
  • INCRUSTATIONS: The incrustations, as well as making the adhesion of solid particles easier, damage the stainless steel jet strips. In fact, the presence of even the smallest particles of incrustations above the strips may cause them to be scratched.
  • LOSS OF SAND: In some cases, plants with sand filtration suffer from loss of sand as a consequence of excessive discharge of water during the filter backwashing.




IDROSISTEM energy Srl has developed a treatment system based on dissolved air flotation (DAF) and newly conceived forms of sand filtration. The flotation system is the ideal solution when it is necessary to remove sub-stances from water, which are by their nature, lighter than water, which is the case with cellulose fiber. A filtering system using sand guarantees the absence of suspended solids in the water.




  • CO-FLOW: IDROSISTEM’s sand filter operates in a “co-flow” manner using a fixed bed of sand. Traditionally, during the filtering stage, the filtered substances cause an increase in head loss. When the pre-set value is reached, backwashing occurs automatically using filtered water. However, because of the weight of filtered substances, using water alone doesn’t adequately clean the filter media. Therefore, IDROSISTEM uses both water and air for backwashing. The backwashing water velocity is about 10-20 m/hand is reduced to not less than 6-7m/h due to simultaneous backwashing with air. The corresponding airflow is 50 m3/h for each square meter of filtering surface.
  • ANTI-CLOGGING WATER DISTRIBUTION: The quality of filtration depends mostly on a good distribution of inlet water, the water and air backwashing, and a homogeneous drainage at each point of filtering volume. The best drainage and distribution of backwashing water are obtained by means of a “double bottom” plate in which the top plate has at least 40 to 50 nozzles per square meter allowing the inlet water to pass through the sand layers while retaining the filtered substances.
  • FIXED BED: The water flow inside the filter is from top to bottom on a fixed bed of sand. With this type of filter it is never necessary to carry out are integration or replacement of sand, and the reduction of suspended solids is much greater than systems that use filters on a fluctuating bed. The special backwashing method prevents the loss of sand during backwashing, which means there is never a need to replace the sand.
  • BACKWASHING SYSTEM: Traditionally, filter media consists of fine granules, which allows for an effective filtration process, but this has the disadvantage of requiring frequent backwashing operations (and consequent filtering interruptions). On the other hand, using a coarse filter media reduces the number of backwashings required, but the filtration efficiency is not as good. Therefore, to benefit from the advantages of different granularities, IDROSISTEM uses a multi-layered filter with a granularity range from 0.3 mm to 8 mm. In addition, the backwashing cycle of the IDROSISTEM sand filter uses only half of the amount of water needed by other systems. With an optional backwash water recovery system, all the back-washing water can be reclaimed.

All of IDROSISTEM’s engineers, technicians and designers are fully qualified and dedicated to providing customers with the best plants. IDROSISTEM constantly strives to improve its technology to offer its clients the best crystal clear technologies for water treatment for the nonwovens  industry.