There are a number of considerations to be taken into account by companies in the tourist industry regarding water treatment (for example, hotels or shopping centres) and these are briefly outlined below. IDROSISTEM energy is able to provide both expert technical advice and the most up-to-date equipment in order to solve your water treatment problems.


  • Inlet water: normally this water is not drinkable and for this reason it is generally advised to install a sand filtration plant along with chlorination + active carbon filtration in order to condition the water, this will render it drinkable. If it is only a problem of bacteria being present in the water, this can be treated by a UV sterilisation unit. If the water is too hard a water softening unit can be installed, or in extreme cases, a reverse osmosis plant.


  • Outlet water: it is often necessary to purify outlet water (depending on local legislation requirements) with a compatible biological system (our Band Bio Float, for example), this reduces the space needed by the plant.  Normally, waste water from laundries can be purified and recycled back into the laundry, this can be done through biological treatment followed by filtration though sand and active carbons.


  • Electricity and thermal consumption: hotels consume a lot of energy and hot water (at temperatures of 50-55° C). They also use steam and this means they are perfect for the installation of soundproofed cogeneration units, specially where electricity costs are high or when there are frequent electricity cuts.