In 2017 IDROSISTEM got in contact with a Dyeing House in Peru. This company needed a water treatment and recovery system to treat the wastewater produced each day.

At that time, IDROSISTEM presented them with a quotation for a plant that included a biological treatment and an ozone decoloration system. In this quotation, an estimation of the average operating costs borne
by a system of this type was established, based on the experience acquired by IDROSISTEM in its more than 300 plants installed throughout the world.

After many meetings and negotiations, the Dyeing House finally decided to buy an electrocoagulation system offered by another company that provided the same operating costs as the IDROSISTEM plant.
This case study describes the real operating costs of this particular electrocoagulation plant, based on facts and data acquired during the last years (2017-2021).



Please feel free to download the complete Case Study Report from the links below. Kindly notice that the report is available in two versions: English and Spanish.