The aim of the project is the construction, for the INTEX company in Sarcedo (Vicenza), of an industrial water recovery system.

INTEX is a denim garment dyeing and laundry with a discharge rate between 600 and 1000 m³ / d. 


For years, the company has had a perfectly functioning biological treatment plant capable of producing high quality waste water. The water treated by the purifier is currently discharged into a consortium according to current legislation.


The system proposed by Idrosistem energy srl has the main goal to recover part of the water treated by the filtration system (up to 330 m³ / d) and bring it back into the production cycle for any process, as the quality of the recovered water will be better than that of the raw water. The system supplied by IDROSISTEM energy srl consists of:



The percentage of water not recovered by our system will continue to be discharged to the consortium in full compliance with current regulations. However, a possible second phase for the recovery not only of the water but also of the salts (chlorides and sulphates) present in the waste water is foreseen from the start in order to recover them in the production cycle.



This plant (like all of our plants) falls into category A of Industry 4.0: "Capital goods whose operation is controlled by computerized systems or managed through appropriate sensors and drives ..." because it has the following characteristics:

  1. They can be interconnected to the factory computer system with remote loading of instructions and / or part programs;
  2. They are controlled by PLC;
  3. They are automatically integrated with other machines in the production cycle;
  4. The interface between man and machine is simple and intuitive;
  5. They have remote maintenance and / or remote diagnosis and / or remote assistance systems;
  6. They provide continuous monitoring of working conditions and process parameters through appropriate sets of sensors and process drift activities.