Our filters are not the traditional type of sand filters used in the spunlace industry. Other than the "co-flow" system, the special anti-clogging water distribution and our patented backwashing system which completely stops loss of sand during processing, these filters contain a flotation system inside them.
  • Blockages are prevented.
  • Used to remove oils
  • Used to reduce foam inside the plant
  • Completly authomatic
  • Pilot unit available for on-site trial
How does it work?
The flotation inside the filters is carried out through a recycling mechanism where the water is saturated with air (similar to the one installed in the flotation unit).  This adds peace of mind in respect of the danger of blockages in the case the flotation unit is not working at full efficiency. In addition, the system helps to reduce the problems of the foam inside the plant. 
The filters operate automatically.  Feeding pumps are controlled by differential floating gauges in the water tanks.  The pumps operate according to the different preset levels until a backwashing cycle is activated.