The gravity strainer can effectively remove long and short fibers, felt hair and granular solid from process water. It can also handle system upsets and slugs, without sacrificing the filtered water quality. In many applications, upset to equipment or process upstream the gravity unit will result in large increase in fibrous contaminants. The stainers have many advantages: the first one is the use of gravity for the movement of the water. It can also trat high flow rates with relatively high solids loadig. Also, when completely assembled- can be placed above existing tanks.
  • Cleaning shower assembly is the only moving part
  • Corrosion-free stainless steel
  • Lower cost per litre processed
  • Careful sizing
  • Eliminates pumping cost
  • Minimal power costs
  • No fresh water requirements
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Level of filtration between 72 and 100 micron


How does it work?

The water to be filtered is piped into and channeled around the periphery of the tank. It flows upward and through a weir assembly for even distribution over a fine screen.
The water is filtered here leaving fibers and solids on the screen. Clean water is then collected in the strainer's bottom and flows from the unit. A continually rotating shower above the screen washes the rejects toward the center opening and the reject pipe for discharge.