IDROSISTEM energy is always aiming to improve the technologies offered to the customer, and for this reason we have started to supply glassed steel tanks in our plants in the last few years. We have noticed that for some of our clients, the fact of performing civil works on site is fundamental when deciding to install or not a wastewater treatment plant; this decision can depend on commercial, ecological or economical reasons, so we came up with the best solution for this situations: Glassed steel tanks.


With these tanks, we offer the following advantages for the customer that wishes not to install the traditional and most expensive concrete tanks:

  • high durability
  • temperature-resistant
  • easy assembly
  • long service life
  • low maintenance requirements
  • piece assembly
  • no special transportation necessary due to system dimensions
  • panel additions possible
  • swift disassembly (in case the customer wishes to install on a temporary location).
  • Roof available at request.


We provide only ISO certified tanks and our main supplier is the best manufacturer on the field. Each tank is tailor made, as all of our plants, and they are all installed with special bolts and sealant material to guarantee the correct functioning of the plant. We also offer the option of an appropriate isolation for the tank walls and roof in case the customer’s plant is located in places with high variations of temperature and weather conditions.