The machine we supply is an evaporator for the treatment of water based liquids. It uses the e?ect of vacuum to make water based liquids boil at low temperature (30-70°C).

The vacuum evaporation is a technology that in most cases turns out to be the most efficient water treatment, because it allows the total recovery of water and completely eliminates de water discharge. The vaccum concentrators use the principle of water evaporation as a variable depending on temperature and pressure (the lower the pressure, the lower the boiling temperature) in order to evaporate the water present in a fluid using low temperatures. In this way, it is possible to use low cost energy sources, obtaining a complete separation of the water / contaminants  without the use of chemical products.




  • Drastic reduction of the costs to discharge the wastes
  • Savings in the cost of water
  • No gas elimination.
  • Most of the liquid volume is recovered.
  • Little space needed for the plant and less expenses for transportation.