The BAND-BIO-FLOAT is one of IDROSISTEM'S most recent patented innovation. It is an original system that combines Flotation, Biofiltration and Band Filtration in one machine.
You can see some imagines of the machine working at a Dyeing Company below:
Main uses:
  • For recycling water back to the production process.
  • For meeting effluent discharge requirements.
  • For municipal waste water.
  • COD removal > 90%
  • TSS removal > 95%
  • Pilot unit available for on-site trial



How does it work?

The BAND-BIO-FLOAT is a machine where the water to be filtered is sent to the upper part of the machine for the flotation process, passes through a box with biodisks for biofiltration and comes out clean after the band filtration at the lower side.
In addition to the high levels of efficiency reached, the BAND-BIO-FLOAT requires little space for its installation, minimal maintenance and can be either constructed for low and high levels of flow or combined as modules according to the client's needs.