Bag Filtration is another technology that can be used to filtrate water and improve the quality of the water in water treatment system and waste water filtration plants.
Some applications are well water filtration, silt removal, pipe scale removal, sand and algae removal from sea water, ion exchange resin recovery, calcium deposit removal, filtration of chemicals used for water treatment, dust removal from cooling tower installations.
Surface water filtration is an area traditionally dominated by cartridge filtration. Now, the high efficiency and long life of Filter Bags are a cost effective alternative to cartridges.
  • A cost-effective design incorporates all the features that a heavy duty application demand, but in a lightweight construction.
  • Uses a minimum number of welds for a smooth, easy to clean interior surface.
  • Available in 304 or 316 stainless steel for high corrosion resistance.
  • A smooth, bead-blasted finish makes it easy to completely clean the interior of the housing.
How does it work?
The filter elements used in the filter bag housing are usually made from industrial felt, monofilament mesh or "melt blown"  micro fibers. In addition, filter baskets are also used.
The speed of the flow of the material through the filter is a major factor in achieving good, yet economic filtering results. The goal, with a few exceptions, is to keep the speed of the throughput as low as possible.
Low pressure on the filter enhances separation and increases the service life of the filter unit, thus reducing the operating cost of the whole  system.